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aanhef blog

Friday 28 November 2014

Snow in the air

The outfit I am wearing is from drbc: their blow-belted skirt & the drbc cristy double shirt. Both items come with HUDs to change color and/or texture. Showing the black and red version. However, there are many many more cool textures for the skirt as well as for the sweater.

The long hair is NEW too and yes yes it's MINA's Selenia hair for The Arcade
The hair is rigged mesh and comes in 2 versions, a materials one and a none materials.
Where:    􀀁The Arcade Gacha Events
What:      Normal and special packs and 3 rare (Essentials, Pastels, Ombres Pastels)
When:     December 2014 
Price:      Only L$75 per game, collect all 12!!

Thanks to the designer for this awesome bloggers review outfit.

Poses used: NanTra 'Put a Ring On' 

sYs Design cool Dandy tie unrigged mesh comes from The Deck  23 November 2014. It's cute, great fun and sooo Xmas. Just couldn't resist buying.