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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

City Inside Out

Wearing an outfit that makes me feel happy and summerish. It's the DM (DressMe Designs) Miss Eggelton mesh dress. I am wearing the Vanilla color, but there are other soft summer colors. Next to the normal S, M, L etc sizes Miss Eggelton also comes in a fitted mesh, which fits very nicely on my Lara mesh Maitreya avi.

On the bottom right of the picture above you see another bloggers review item: the Kaerri Hanging Teardrop Chair set. Wow very nicely made relaxing chair with many nice poses inside. I like the mood of this chair, which comes with a pile of books with a glass of something on top, as well as more items (not shown). 
Kaerri is new to me, but promissing. Kaerri her profile mentions the Maven Homes shop. Here's your taxi   

Furthermore showing photos of my exploring SL with my sweetie this evening: the awesome new sim 'City Inside Out' created by Haveit Neox. 
A wonderful place to wander around and make photos, which is what I did. 
Here's the LM. Enjoy!

Last but not least I am still wearing MINA's awesome new hair Jacky (materials), which she made exclusively for Shiny Shabby (see my post 'Keely' of Monday 23 March 2015). The folder contains a HUD that lets you change the color of the hair as well as of the 'add on'; i.e. the bandage, which comes in 5 designs/colors.

dikke kus

City Inside Out by Haveit Neox

City Inside Out is an awesome sim with great meshes. Super to wander around, which Nitro and I did and we loved it! Here's the Landmark

more City Inside Out as well as my dress ^-^

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