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Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Onyx announced new items just before Xmas and .... all SL fashionistas rushed over to the Maitreya shop to buy this super made mesh outfit that comes in many great colours and consists of the following items:
  • Maitreya rigged mesh Poise dress in milk. The HUD gives you the opportunity to hide the back of the dress in case you opt to wear the cardigan
  • Maitreya mesh Wool Cardigan beige.
  • Maitreya mesh Dahlia Socks in flat and tiptoe with a HUD to show/hide feet (wearing beige).
  • Maitreya Stagioni Xtd Suede boots in Sahara, which come with a HUD to resize

Over the years Onyx has been creating realistic looking clothes, hair, shoes/boots and more all with great textures, colours and fitting well. Onyx doesn't stop surprising everybody with her quality items time after time. Definitely one of my Fav top 3 shops here in SL.

Wish you all happy holidays!
dikke kus

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