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Wednesday 13 January 2016

The Journey Home @ Nitroglobus Hall

work by Ini

The works are hanging on the walls now, the first exhibition I organized on my own, in my new gallery - The Hall (Nitroglobus Hall). The opening party is scheduled (this Friday, the 15th of January) and I marketed it as much as I could in the various social media. 

The opening party will start at 1 pm SLT (= 22 hrs Amsterdam/9 pm London time).
Music by DJ Khaz Rotaru
Place: Nitroglobus Hall

I am happy and proud to host Ini's exhibition 'The Journey Home'. This girl is so talented, and moreover a dear friend of me and of my beloved partner Nitro.

Ini's art is always surprising, unique, true and with deep emotions. 
This exhibition is about the journey home, whatever and wherever that home is; a real house, or a city, a country, or the end of the line, i.e. death...or love. 
We are all always travelling, coz after all life itself is a journey. 

dikke kus

poster made by Ini

Aren't we all travelling in life to find a home, whatever, where ever 
and with whom that may be?

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