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Saturday, 4 January 2020

Carla - Walk in the darkness by Terrygold

This evening I visited the installation 'Carla, Walk in the Darkness' by Terrygold which opened at her place SoloArte. 
The installation consists of several scenes with some animations, to give the scenes a more lively effect. 

The story is about Carla, a girl, with a dream to become a prima ballerina, who ended up as a heroin hooker. You walk through the phases of Carla's life, with on the black walls text that explains her situation/thoughts at that moment in her life. 
Terrygold was present at the end scene, where you will find all kind of information about the horrible effects of drugs on a human body. 
When I asked Terry if this story/installation was about somebody she knew, she acknowledged and told me it was about a close friend. 

I liked the installation a lot, great work. Do visit, I recommend.
Don't forget to set your WL to midnight.


prima ballerina dream

it started with smoking weed

ending in an alley

a ballerina only in her restless dreams

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