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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Lost Lagoon 2020

These last two days I visited Lost Lagoon several times, a lonely swamp island created and owned by Jana and Mark Knight. 'Witnesses of bygone days and paradise for those who seek solitude and nature' is the description made by the owners. You can rezz your own poses with a group tag. Joining the group costs L$ 150. There are many nice single and couple poses everywhere on the sim, the overall atmosphere is romantic and relaxed. A great place to make images AND that is what people do. 

Let me illustrate with images to give you a better idea. I used the region WindLight for all snapshots (lazy me).

at entrance point I like this bookcase and the magazines  shelf

the waiting room at entrance point

you can change the textures of the seat covers when you like

luvvvv piano's

great textures and colours

doggies and I

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