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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

'Feelings' by Rose Hanry @ Nitroglobus

Happy and proud to announce the February 2020 exhibition by Rose Hanry @ Nitroglobus.

To Rose Second Life is more than a game and the avatar is more than a pretty doll. There's a human behind the keyboard, who experiences feelings and hopes, has a Real Life with the normal issues that life offers, Some are good and some are not so good. To her Real Life is not detached from Second Life as most people think, or want to make us believe.

In this exhibition Rose tries to show that an avatar is very natural and can show feelings as in Real Life.

In her works she expresses feelings or tells stories using (and creating) her own poses, and work the light and colors, inspired by many things: songs, Second Life/Real Life events and moods from her own life experience. Some of her images are really intimate; exposing herself, her feelings and thoughts.

Opening party set for 29 January at 12 pm SLT (= 21 hrs Amsterdam time)
Music by DJ Ferdy


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