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Sunday, 2 May 2021

Retrospective by Sina Souza


RETROSPECTIVE by SINA SOUZA @ Nitroglobus gallery(dido's part of the gallery)
May - June 2021

When Sina contacted me a few months ago and told me her inspiration was back and she started creating again, I was really thrilled coz I love Sina and her art and I think I'm not only speak for myself when I say I missed Sina's creations over the past years. Sooo I was even more excited when Sina indicated she wanted to exhibit her new creations at Nitroglobus. I cleaned my part of the gallery and Sina placed her images there as well as a sculpture she made.

Come look at the new Sina with her exhibition RETROSPECTIVE
Dido Haas, owner/curator Nitroglobus.

Sina at the gallery in front of her world


Sina explains:

Retrospective is not an exhibition where I want to show you my previous work. It is an exhibition about struggles in my past, wrong decisions that I have made or experiences that I have gained.

It is a path between depression, strokes of fate and the problem of trusting others. But it's not just a look back at what's behind me, it is also a kind of self reflection, a step forward, a way to learn from mistakes and to grow from experiences. Sometimes we need to look back to look ahead.
Sina Souza

Read the cool article Frank Atisso wrote in Art Korner about Sina's exhibition

image made by Frank Atisso


Images I made at the opening party last Friday, 30 April:



Venus Adored, particles artist

me dancing with Mihailsk


Visitors at the party:

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