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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

White Canvas by Diconay Boa


W H I T E  C A N V A S  by  D I C O N A Y B O A   
the May 2021 exhibition @ Nitroglobus  

When I asked Diconay (Dico) beginning of April if she and Good Cross were able and willing to exhibit in May (instead of later in the year as we initially agreed), to fill the slot which had suddenly become available, I was so happy she said yes! However, Good Cross, Dico's SL partner was too busy RL, so Dico took it upon her to do the exhibition alone ... AND what a wonderful display it has become of sensual, high quality works in monochrome and color with a theme that will appeal to many: tattoos in SL.

I sincerely hope Dico and Good Cross will return to Nitroglobus in the future with a shared exhibition; giving us something to look forward to.

A B O U T  'W H I T E  C A N V A S':

Tattoos are jewelry for the skin.

People get them for many reasons: for attention, self-expression, artistic freedom, rebellion, a visual display of a personal narrative, reminders of spiritual/cultural traditions, sexual motivation, addiction, identification with a group or even drunken impulsiveness. Our current society craves individuality and self expression. And now many people wear their artistic expression.

Tattoos are especially interesting in the virtual world because of its lack of permanence on a virtual mesh body. But someone talented in the digital arts can really make it look surreal and beautiful.

To me tattoos represent creativity, sensuality and this is what I have hoped to achieve in this study. This exhibit is a study of second life tattoos and my interpretation of the work of some tattoo artists in SL.

This is the reason I call this exhibit a White Canvas, representing the bare skin on which will be imprinted memories, emotions and art.

I hope you take some joy from it.
Welcome to my head and heart.

I posted an overview last week of all the blog posts and reviews published about Dico's exhibition.

Taxi to Nitroglobus

poster made by David Silence 

The opening party took place on Sunday 9 May, with music by Electric Monday and what a party it was.
Some snapshots I made of visitors and of the awesome particle show by Venus Adored:

Particles show by Venus Adored

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