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Monday, 26 April 2021

Black Kite

This weekend I visited the sim Black Kite (Go fly a kite!) made by Cloudy (Black Cloud), whose home it is. Cloudy's friend iBi has a store there. 

In her profile Cloudy mentions the sim is blogger, photographer and explorer friendly. Visitors are requested to join the Flick group.

What an enchanting place this is, perfect to make lots of images, I definitely wasn't the only one who was doing that by the way.
I used the sim's Windlight, coz I love the aqua blue. There are many animated sitting/cuddle and even adult animations to be found on the various sofa's which are scattered around the sim. The many boardwalks let you walk around the sim, although one can also walk on the water. 

While being there Mihailsk joined me and we continued to explore and made some images of us, which we both placed on Flickr today. His is much better than mine of course. I only made a zoomed shot of us and he also caught the black kite and the butterflies as well. 

Black Kite is a place worth visiting for sure; don't forget to bring your camera.

This is the (raw) image of the one I placed on Flickr. 

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