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Monday, 14 December 2009

Another friend leaving SL

I feel sad because this morning I received a letter (notecard) from my dear friend Greg from the US that he will be leaving SL.
He explained the why and I understand him. But nevertheless it is sad to loose another SL friend. I did not see much of him during the last weeks as he found an SL GF. I met her too, a lovely girl.

Greg is so real, no nonsense, no RP, no player. He is himself and tells everybody he is. He had his skin made, looking like his RL face. I met him at a shop where he was debating to have another copy of this skin because he wanted to use it for his second avi. Lots of discussing followed with the owner of the shop. But, I liked him and we became good friends. I danced with him and we had fun at Halloween, partying at Wave.
He is not the first one to leave SL for a good reason. Wish you lots of RL happiness Greg!

Dikke kus

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