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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Sales at The Plastik and Magika

Wow what a classy outfit.
Inspired by the article Ner wrote in The SL Fashionista about Prelude I went there yesterday and could not resist to buy the Lundi suit she blogged. But what colour ... I bought the red outfit, although I loved the grey one too. I got some help from a stranger who asked if he could help me. He introduced himself as a designer-to-be, but did not wanna give me more info nor show me his work. Not finished yet he said and as he is a perfectionist ....  mmm patience Dido ^^

Next I rushed to The Plastik for the blue and white sales (L$ 99 for a lot of their clothes in these colours). Could not resist the grey Bordello dress and combined it with the Lundi jacket as shown in the picture. I finished the look with grey Bax boots (Le.Look Christmas gift) and a grey panty. 

Then to Magika for their L$10 sales where I bought a fatpack of my fav hair: Biji. Love that hair so much and now I have all colours for only L$ 50.

The picture was taken at Butterdish: what a beautiful place! I love how the colours of my outfit match with the surroundings. I am sure I will visit this place again.
The skin I wear is Eva, the latest group gift of Tuli 

Dikke kus

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