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aanhef blog

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Last weekend (17-20 December) I was in Milan to celebrate my RL birthday. It was a super weekend! However, when returning home the plane could not land because the airport was closed and I finally ended up in Luik, Belgium. From there a busride of 2 hours (after 2 hrs waiting for the bus at the airport), followed by a journey home of 2 hours in our own car through snowstorms. Yeah weather is bad here in Holland. Snow is beautiful but not when you have to travel....

Anyway, I am back home RL and SL and decided to get myself into Christmas mood and take a nice pic and wish all my SL friends a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, exciting and loving 2010 with lots of super holiday trips/vacations and of course great food (last wish is for my dear friend Sparks who's addicted to good food)!

Luv you, dikke kus