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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Letter from GOR part II

For history see letter from GOR part I 

This week I received another note from my sister Deirdre. It made me feel sad, very sad. Deirdre is very unhappy and above all homeless! Well read yourself I copied and pasted part of her note and some pictures:

better times with my Master in his office in Petra

.... let me explain what happened one night in the Realm of Petra that changed my life and that of my master completely.

There was a meeting scheduled of the council of Petra (the Ubar, the 1st, 2nd sword, the doctor, etc). I was at the infirmary assisting the doctor as there was a slave girl severely wounded. We found her at the beach.   

my master waiting for the meeting to start

Ubar Roman and his slave Rhianne during the meeting

But then suddenly my master summoned me to come, as all slaves could be present at the meeting, by rule of the Ubar. We slaves could attend but only listen. I was thrilled. I went there with my sisters. It was a strange meeting in which the Ubar outlined his plans for the Realm of Petra, telling us all he wanted  babies to be born in the city....
He ordered us all to follow him to a new altar for sacrifice. We had no idea what was happening, he did not enfold his plan but we all followed.

 the altar ... 
Deirdre kneeling and another slave girl lying on the altar

The Ubar took a slave girl and layed her down on the sacrifice altar and after a while I was told to come and sit down on a pose ball. I did as I was told but after a little while (lag was killing me) noticed I was on a sex ball which made me fist fuck the slave girl. Arghhhh.... immediately I jumped to my feet. My Master was mad too as the Ubar did not inform him. After all I am his property and he demands to know upfront. He was mad as hell. I washed my hands in the pool, I felt dirty and furious, almost exploded.

Any way after this incident my Master and me we rushed home. The other day my Master wrote an extensive note to the Ubar. Meanwhile my Master taught me how to use the sword. Now THAT was great fun. I felt great, respected and equal.

in the arena

my master taught me to use the sword, great fun

However, that did not last for long coz my Master was thrown out of Petra and following him meant we are homeless now dear sister.
My Master is looking for another place for us to stay in Gor. Well I hope he is as I have not spoken to him for a couple of days. No idea where he is.
Sis I feel so lonely, abandonned and miserable. Please help me, can you please ......

This is where here note ended. I worry like hell ever since I read it. OMG what is happening to my sister. Keep you informed.

Dikke kus

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