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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Letter from Gor part I

my sister Deirdre

Let me be blunt and not beat around the bush: this is my sister Deirdre who is living as a slave girl in the Gorean town Petra.
Yeah I know many questions like how did she get there, what happened... Well I could tell you the whole story but believe me it is the usefull stuff 'was found in the woods, taken to the planet of Gor, collared by her master and now living as a slave in his house.
She managed to send me a note (don't ask me  how, must have been a lot of pigeons/other Gorean birds and bribed warriors that carried it to Earth). She even managed to include a few pictures.
Deirdre is wearing camisks and silks and other revealing stuff (mmm hardly can call them clothes) seems her master tells her to wear these garments. All slaves do or are (partly) naked depends on the whims of their masters. I include a few pics:

kneeling at my Masters' feet during a game a Kaissa (kind of chess)

To give you an idea I quote part of her letter:
........ was horrible, painfull and don't want to describe dear sis.
My Gorean master collared me on February 1st and I am his property now. However, I should not complain as I am his only slave and he seems to care about me. Although I have to work hard and obey him in all his whishes. I feel fortunate when comparing my situation with that of sister slaves, who are leashed, caged and treated bad.

After arriving in Petra my master brought me to the doctor for an inspection and my '3 shots'. I felt like an animal, but doctor Venus is a kind woman and made me feel at ease. It's the normal procedure in Gor. The fluid injected keeps the slaves young and beautiful. I felt lousy after the second and third shot, stomach pain, headache. Doctor Venus had to give me antidote tablets. But don't worry sis I am ok now.

at the doctor

I have a couple of sister slaves, who became dear friends in a relatively short time. Although one of them left Petra this weekend with her master. Pitty as this girl Claire was a driving force. I had a lot of fun with her. She is Gorean experienced and was teaching me how to belly dance and serve drinks/food to please my master. I still have a lot to learn.

Which troubles me most is that I have to greet all Masters and Mistresses, kneel for them and stay on my knees keeping my mouth shut. Especially the
last is difficult for me. Well you know me....


There her note ends. Mmm not much info, however I am happy with her sign of life, although i cannot help worrying about her. 

Keep you posted.
Dikke kus

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  1. Chère Dreirdre,
    Félicitations pour cette belle réalisation, faite avec tact, tendresse et curiosité.
    Bonne continuation, Roman.