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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tarot reading

I have known Cat Elephas for some time, being the partner of my best friend Sparks. I had asked her a while ago for a tarot card reading and yesterday evening was the moment. She came and we sat down in front of my home in comfi chairs and she told me to ask her 'the question'. I asked the first thing that came to mind 'Why am I addicted to Second Life?'

She disappeared into RL to lay down the tarot cards and came back with her analysis, typing an enormous amount of text, telling me what the cards told her. Amazing ;-)  She is a remarkable lady.

Interested in a reading?
IM Cat Elephas. Look into her profile for more info about her tarot readings and prices.


Additional info Cat writes about her readings:

When I read your cards, I channel a spirit guide named Freddie. Frederick Von Helm. Freddie was killed in one of the bombings of London when he was young in World War II. He was a young German student of poetry, that saw what was coming with the Nazis and left Germany to study in England. My last and first vision of Freddie is always the same, he is in a study garret, sitting at his desk, looking to his left.

How I do my readings:

I will ask you to sit and concentrate on either your questions, matter at hand, or for a general reading, I will ask you to breathe and let your mind think of whatever it chooses. I shuffle the cards at home. When I am done, I will say "stop." Relax and sit back, as I will be laying out your cards here and reviewing them.

I will tell you that I am going to settle down and start the reading. That means I will begin channeling Freddie. He almost always begins with ..."my dear sir"..."my dear lady"...

I will close my eyes when this begins. Therefore, I cannot see you talking, or typing. It is important that you save your questions for when I can see them again. I will ask if you have questions, and time allowing, you usually have time for several.

I read in IM. This is so you may copy all the text and paste it into a word document. You will want to ponder your reading in private, and you will want to look back at it. I can and will do readings in voice at your request.

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