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Thursday, 1 April 2010

New SL Viewer hick ups

I am not happy at all with it and I am not the only one. Talking about the Second Life Viewer 2.0.
This week I had another few fine examples of how things can go wrong with this new viewer. Although I must admit I did have a good laugh as well.

I entered SL with the new viewer. Tough me, I had decided to give it another chance. Mmm, I entered as a noob: my skin, hair, eyes, shoes all had disappeared; not a very promissing start. Btw what skin and hair can do for a girl ;-)

My friend Sparks came over and helped me. He stayed calm and explained where to find essential features like music, toggle, rebake, etc. He even logged off and came back on SL 2.0 viewer himself to help me and that during my super dark/frustrated mood. Thanks Sparks for your patience!

My landlord IM-ed me and asked me over to test new dances. I tp-ed over, still on new Viewer. Like Sparks he logged off and used the new Viewer too but arghh .... he was fuzzing with his invent and all of a sudden I was dancing with a boyish noob. Had such a laugh and could not resist to take a pic. However, I have the pic only in my invent. Sooo if you like to see it, IM me ;-)

At least I could take pics without crashing, coz that's what happens on Emerald I crash everytime I touch the snapshot button. Very very frustrating.

Dikke kus

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