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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentine pffff

I have a RL colleague who told me he hates commercial stuff like Valentines day and refuses to do anything special for his wife coz he lavishes her with love and attention ALL the other days of the year. Yeah ^^
Phew, so many gifts and Sales in SL of pink and red stuff. I wanted to blog earlier however a super busy RL weekend prevented me to do so.

So there we go, wearing:
BOOM Sixteen Seater dress red (of course) bought in their Valentine SALES for 50 L$ (hurry coz today is your last chance). Now THAT is a sexy dress ^^
Glam Affair Eva skin (Valentine Group Gift comes in several tones) 
HoD Nothing necklace v2 (not free): Awwww I LOVE this one.

Dikke kus

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