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Saturday, 5 February 2011

RunoRuno's Loose Body

I have always had a soft spot for the little RunoRuno shop and the nice clothes Jojorunoo Runo makes. Very affordable and super sexy. One of the first items I bought was Teetee (what's in a name) a white shirt which leaves one breast bare. Yeah naughty Jojorunoo.
But also worth mentioning is the sheer silk dress which has a superb belly and ass. And of course the UNDress collection. Phew I love them all.
Sooo when I read that RunoRuno was the special guest at The Dressing Room Blue I rushed over and bought the Loose Body for only 40 L$.

TDR Blue Special guest RunoRuno's  Loose Body

RunoRuno Boob Job in white (new at RunoRuno shop)

I couldn't resist visiting the RunoRuno shop and found this sweater called Boob Job (price L$ 75). Makes my day  ;-)

Nite nite
Dikke kus

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