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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tearose and Black

The weekend passed tooo fast; I intended to blog this awesome mesh SYSY's Bodowa dress Sunday evening, but stayed too long dancing at Gitu's gallery for the opening party. 
So here's Bodowa in tearose/black. It's a classy dress, fits my avi super and awww l do so love the wrinkles. Bodowa comes in many many color schemes.

The dress fits purfect coz I am wearing Johanna model, one of the new ANNA SHAPES. I am a fan of Analy her shapes. Hehe tall and slim me ^^. 

Last new item is another great Truth hair called Teddy, wearing champagne w/roots. Yeah I had a blondie mood this evening ;-) 

photo by Ishq Loves (wearing Diva hair bought at Collabor88)

I was spotted at the party wearing the red/black version of this Bodowa dress. Thanks so much Ishq for this lovely photo and your permission to post it here!

A sincere thx to the designers for their awesome bloggers review items!
dikke kus

1st photo taken at Nitroglobus Gallery; standing in front of one of Roni Saunders' artworks of the installation 'Eyeworld'
2nd photo at Gitu's gallery party area

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