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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Madness Fantastique at Nitroglobus gallery

(Photo by Cold Frog)
Nitro and I are sooo proud to present our October exhibition 'Madness Fantastique'
Two artists, friends, both Belgian and both 7 years in SL.
They met not so long ago and discovered they share the joy of taking creative photos here in Second Life.
They make crazy photos of crazy topics, using crazy avi's set in crazy surroundings... yep that's Cold Frog and CaTcHaFiRe: fun, humor, imagination and madness.

All work shown is new, never shown before, but was exclusively made by Catcha and Cold for this exhibtion at Nitroglobus.
/me whispers thx soooo much girls!
And of course again my awesome partner Nitro adjusted our gallery for this exhibition: a mountain covered with autumn leaves and with a diving board on top (dive into art he he), dangerous biting mesh big fishes, halloweenish fog. Yeah he's supa!
Come and see for yourselves. Here's your taxi to our gallery
Dido Haas, manager
Nitroglobus Gallery

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