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Friday 27 September 2013

LAST DAY of Sina's exhibition at Nitroglobus

Tomorrow (Friday, 27 September) is your last chance to admire the awesome work of Sina Souza at the walls of Nitroglobus Gallery, coz we will be changing exhibitions over the weekend.
So hey ... what are you waiting for? Here's your taxi to our gallery

It's a dualistic feeling for me coz it always hurts a bit when we change exhibitions. Especially the moment when we take down the art from the walls and the gallery is empty. I get sort of used to the look and feel of an exhibitor his/her work and how Nitro makes the gallery fit around that work. 

But mmm on the other hand it's exciting of course to set up a new exhibition. This October exhibition will be super cool. More info in the next days ^^

dikke kus

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