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Saturday, 28 December 2013

White hair

Yesterday I went shopping and exploring and here's the result:
I visited TDR (The Dressing Room) and bought this Essences Lorde 02 *Lumiere* skin. The folder contains brown, brunette, ginger and blonde (worn) version as well as a tattoo layer, system top and shirt layer with breast enhancement (worn). Cool skin especially for taking photos.

Showing two different hairs: the one shown above is Zima and is LoQ hair. It comes in many colours with a dito tattoo layer which is absolutely necessary to wear coz otherwise you are partly bald. I had to get rid of one of my (too) many tattoo layers to be able to wear this cute hair with fur hat. BUT ... it's worthwhile.

The other one is a cool mesh hair of my dear friend MINA called Noor, which comes in 2 versions: NB (normal boobs) and BB (big boobs): Mina thinks of all of us lol ^^
Wearing the WHITE hair, which btw is NOT in the HUD, it's the initial hair you receive and the moment you use the HUD to change the color of your hair you loose the white color. Many cool colors available in the HUD as usual.
However, with this look I luvvvvvvved the white hair so I asked Mina for a white version and she promissed to work on it.
The outfit I'm wearing I blogged before it's the EASTERLiNG keyra Sensual mesh dress. 

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