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Wednesday 4 February 2015

Please vote for me & Nitroglobus gallery

Dear reader of my blog,

I seldom beg for anything in RL nor in SL, however, this time I turn to you and ask you to vote for me/Nitroglobus gallery

Here's the url where you can vote: http://avichoiceawards.com/vote-here-the-arts/ (you have to scroll down the webpage to almost the bottom where you will find the TOPIC 'Best gallery in Second Life').
Voting is open till Monday, February 23rd 5 pm SLT. The winners will be announced at the Avi Choice Awards Show on February 28th. 

logo of Avi Choice Awards

Lemme tell you what happened:
last week I received a notice that Nitroglobus gallery, owned by Nitro Fireguard my SL partner and myself, was nominated for the BEST gallery in Second Life. Wow, I was soooo thrilled.

No idea who nominated me, but muchos besos/gros bisous/dikke kussen from Nitro & myself for that particular person ^-^.

Maybe you know Nitroglobus gallery and visited over the years, if not do visit our present exhibition 'Body' by Paola Mills, who is a well-known SL artist from Italy. It's truly awesome and by the way a great location for making fashion pictures.
Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery.

Please send me and IM (my avatar name is dido haas) when you voted for me/Nitroglobus gallery and I will give you one of my 'artworks' for free.  

dikke kus