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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Opening party for 'Body', an exhibition by Paola Mills at Nitroglobus gallery

the artist Paola at her Opening party

Mmm, yeah I know I am late with publishing these pictures. However, believe me, there are good reasons why I did.
Sooo here they are, finally some shots of the awesome opening party for Paola Mills' exhibit 'BODY' at Nitroglobus.

When you were unable to attend this 'white party' no worries, coz Paola's art will be on the walls of our gallery till end of March.

CU there!
dikke kus
Josef K, Apmel, Maloe, Burke Bode and Miss Yoon

Nitro and I dancing

Gitu, APmel, Thea, Giovanna

Maghda dancing with her love

my dear friend Skippy

Marja and Miss Yoon 


Iono, Lona & Arnno, Sol and Lorys
Mina,  my dear friend dancing with her partner Box, Marie whose a dear friend of the gallery and artist Phiedra

Akim, the awesome JMB and Ronni smexy dancing, the one and only Cat, the beautiful Alex and famous Thea

Cat, Vola, Duna and WuWai

3 x Thea  

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