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Wednesday, 29 April 2015



Love this pencil dress it's sooo classy and my partner Nitro loves it too.
I made these pictures a while ago, but due to lots of work in our gallery over the past weeks, I had no time to focus on blogging. However, since the new exhibition 'E-Motions' is up and running I can relax a bit now and focus on other things too. 

Phew long story, so let's get to business:
wearing the Nya's PencilDress in the color SilkAlmond and the Nya's Springjacket in toasted almonds. Super set and like I mentioned sooo classy.
Here's your taxi to Nya's shop

Wearing MINA hair Joelle goes it goes well with this outfit. It's simply gorgeous.

Dikke kus

An appropriate song:  

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