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Friday, 2 April 2010

I love presents

I received an Easter gift, wow I love gifts. Svenlo gave me this awesome sexy outfit. I wanted to blog it two days ago but every time I tried to take a snapshot I crashed. So frustrating. I managed somehow to take the black/white picture shown beneath. Strange effect (a crash pic).
However, I am back blogging with a smile and taking snapshots on Emerald Viewer. Had to uninstall my existing one and download a 'fresh' Emerald but hey it works. I am truly happy and inpired to blog again.

snapshot that made me crash

I am wearing the Solange Traction outfit. It's really really gorgous and high quality. When you don't like it to be all black leather you have a choice of different colours. It has rotating small wheels on the nipple bolt (which btw comes in 12 different options!), belt and gloves. It has a short and a long flex skirt (mmm skirt I rather call it a silk). Arghhh I bet this outfit is a prim eater but I love it! Thanks Sven.

Dikke kus

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