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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Opening party for April exhibition (White Noise by Rose Hanry)


On Monday, 12 April was the opening party for the April exhibition 'White Noise, Welcome to my Nightmares!' by Rose Hanry & the 3D artwork 'Outside the Box, there is no Box' by Giovanna Cerise @ Nitroglobus.

DJ hEIN did a great job tuning and the moment Venus Adored arrived the particles were flying around, although before that Traci and I had tried to shoot some. Visitors were (almost) all dressed (yeah we had a dresscode) in white and coz they loved the music stayed for hours. 

Unfortunately many couldn't tp in, however, the exhibition 'White Noise' will be on the walls of the gallery during the entire month of April. Here's your taxi to the gallery. You are most welcome to visit!


Of course I made too many images. Showing some here of the many beautiful party people:

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