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Sunday, 11 April 2021

White Noise, Welcome to my nightmares!

artwork by Rose Hanry

All is ready for the opening party this Monday, 12 April for the exhibition 'White Noise - Welcome to my Nightmares! by Rose Hanry @ Nitroglobus.

All frames and mirrored frames are on the walls and the new artwork by Giovanna Cerise 'Outside the Box, There is No Box' is placed in the centre of the big hall. hEIN's DJ booth is positioned at the cafe, with a cool poster made by Traci Ultsch hanging on the wall behind it. 

poster made by Traci

The party starts at 12 pm SLT and all visitors are requested to wear something WHITE. Yes, yes there is a dresscode 😉

poster made by David Silence, based on an image of Rose 

I am so happy Rose said yes when I invited her to return to Nitroglobus. Like in February 2020 she again shows us meaningful works, all full of emotion, which is her trademark. It's never difficult to detect a 'real Rose'
Rose made her own poses and she accomplished to find a light set that fits perfectly with the mood of White Noise.

THESE ARE THE WORDS Rose wrote to describe her exhibition, not many words, but I advise to read them well:
Sometimes the light of our problems is so bright, that it blinds us and we can't see the right and straight path to find the solutions, forgetting the most important.
Welcome to my nightmare!!

"If you have a problem do not worry, it is only a matter of time till you find the right way to solve it.
If the problem doesn't have a solution, do not worry... it is only a matter of time till you accept the problem is already solved." - Dalai Lama

a visitor in the gallery

 3D art work 'Outside the Box, There is No Box' by Giovanna Cerise

Giovanna provided the following info about the artwork:

There is no closed and delimited interior space that separates the subject from the so-called reality by means of a screen.
Quote by Wolfram Eilemberg – il tempo degli stregoni (original title: Eilenberger, Die Zeit der Zauberer).

gallery overview

Rose being interviewed by Frank of Art Korner

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