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Friday, 18 June 2021

Interview with Anja by Frank Atisso in magazine 360 Gradi Magazine

image from 360 Gradi Magazine by Jarla Capalini

Yesterday, 17th June, the May-June edition of 360 Gradi Magazine was published and I am super glad with the interview, written by Frank Atisso, about 'Anja's Surrealism' the June exhibition @ Nitroglobus gallery, which is part of this issue of the magazine. 

'Frank : How have the experiences from your RL reflected in the work you are exhibiting here?

Anja : The things happening around you in real life have a huge impact on your thoughts and imagination. So eventually it does tend to affect the art that you create. For example, in the past few months, we had a lot of negative political issues where I live. So that is the time when I created the image of a chess board with stairs and chess pieces as a reactionary statement to it. Eventually all the pieces leave the board and come back to have the game start over again. All we are left with is our thoughts and the lives that need to go on.................'

Jump to pages 128 - 149 to read the whole article and admire the cool images made by Jarla Capalini.
My thanks goes to Frank and Oema (the editor/owner of the magazine)!


  1. Very good interview of a great artist in a unique gallery!
    Congrats to all!!