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Monday, 12 April 2010

Exploring at Fotoscope

Yesterday I went exploring with Eskimo man to a so funny place called Fotoscope. Lots of different kind of funny pose balls over there and me I looooove balls. 
We started high up in the galaxy, sort of free floating on classical music which ended in being shot at by space ships, argh! 

being hit by a laser beam

Ending with a wellknown face that spoke the legendary words 'May the Force be with you' ;-) Loved it and played the last part 3 times.

Then we tp-ed to the earth with lots of other stuff to explore. If you wanna have fun and like surprises ... 

love chairs with several cute animations

 aww dancing in a glass of champagne, sexy dances sooooo I stripped ;-)

Have fun!

Prelude :Lundi Suit Bordeaux
Boots: Bax ankle boots red suede

Dikke kus

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