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Friday, 23 April 2010

Under the Volcano....

I mentioned in my blog 'First Rome then Japan' I would be visiting Rome (RL speaking) to visit the exhibition of Caravaggio in April.
Well I did and it was super! But a day after arriving at the spot in Iceland a volcano errupted and I was stuck in Rome. OMG what drama. Most people reply when I tell them 'not bad being stuck in that city, but it is believe me. Doesn't matter where you are, when you have no clue when you will be able to return to your home, you are not happy. 

Tried alternatives like the international trains, rented cars, busses: all sold out. Well in the end thanks to a lot of luck in getting train tickets to Milano and a dear friend, who drove all the way to the border of Switserland and Italy to fetch us, I made it home last Monday evening late. Sooo I do hope this vulcano will take it easy next week as I fly to Japan on Thursday.

Picture is showing me finally at my SL home after all the drama ;-)


Skirt and belt of Kunglers Group Gift 18 April 2010
Top: MIS casual cami snow


Do like to mention Ner her blog item on The Fashionista blog in which I participated too about Muhi outfit and Tuli skin.

Aren't we cute as Asian girls in our Muhi bodysuits

Dikke kus

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