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Monday, 26 April 2010

Exploring a Japan Dream

In a few days I will be travelling to Japan (RL) awww I am so excited. Such a different world, far away from Europe. I am getting more and more anxious as the day of my departure to Osaka approaches.
And yes of course I will miss SL and all my friends here. But I will take a travel laptop with me ...... ;-)

This weekend Eskimo man took me to an SL Japanese sim called Japan Dream Kenjin to get me into the holiday mood. I liked the place although a bit packed, but also many pose balls all around and even a studio as well as many 'pee' pose balls shattered around the sim. Mmm, do Japanese SL users pee all over the place?

An impression:

Outfit: Discord MU-DOU Pink set (gift)
Shoes: Japanese Souri's
Skin: Tuli Sayuri skin (VIP Group Gift)
Hair: Magika hair Earth (free)

Don't think Dido will be blogging for a next couple of weeks, except for my RL blog of course  ;-)

Dikke zoen & hope to be back on 27 May.
Extra kiss for Bas my eskimo man: will miss you sweetie!

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