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Monday, 24 May 2010

4 weeks without SL fashion

Tomorrow I will fly home.
I truly enjoyed my 4 weeks holiday in Japan and although I was in SL now and then on my travel laptop I merely used SL as a chat platform coz I could hardly move. So hunting freebees or shopping around was no fun at all. I did not follow the SL fashion blogs either. Am I a SL fashion noob now as time in SL is so fast, OMG....

Sooo, I have been without SL fashion for 4 weeks. However, I did see lots of RL Japanese fashion here that reminded me of the stuff I see in SL in the many Japanese shops.

Most Japanese fashion in my opinion is extremely 'girlie', especially the Harajuku style. Fun to watch the Harajuku walking around in their weirdo costumes. I visiting some of the shops: cheap fun stuff, bad quality in general, lots of pink and flowers, schoolgirlie, nurse and other sexy outfits. And the shoes ... ;-)
The whole area smells of sweet pancakes which you can buy on every streetcorner with different topics.

See you in SL when I am back home.
Dikke kus

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