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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Back home - new gifts from LaVie skin & Pig socks

Hi I am home after 4 weeks Japan. Was an awesome holiday!

Anyway I wanted to blog and decided to show you some new stuff. Here it is:
This evening I received 2 gift:
  • Pig socks with suspenders. They look cool, however you cannot wear shoes anymore as the suspenders use the shoe option.
  • LaVie Kira skin gift in 3 colours: bronze, dark and normal. I am wearing normal in the pics. The skin has tattoos in the face and all over the body. I like it on Dido. However, not to wear as an everyday skin. Hey, girl it's a gift remember ... ;-)
I adore the Maitreya bra top, but hey I am a fan of Maitreya. Awesome stuff.
The Coco cardigan is super too, as is the high waisted Sassy skirt, which is  a gift too btw.

Yeah have to be carefull spending money nowadays, as I will loose my awesome island/home at Legion Triumphant. My landlord Alphons stops with the sim. So I will be homeless on 1st June and looking for a place now. Any suggestions? IM me pls.


Hair:         MINA Jean black
Skin:         LaVie Kia Skin normal Gift 27th May
Eyes:        Poetic Colors Easter Lilac - freebie
Top:          Maitreya Bra top black 2
Skirt:         Sassy Kitty Designs High Waisted Black Skirt (Gift)
Cardigan:   Coco Cardigan lace
Socks:       Pig- Argyle Sock M. Suspender - Hortense Gift 27th May
Gloves:      XTC Shirley Lace gloves

Dikke kus


  1. Thanks Michiel!
    But I'd rather be still travelling around Japan.
    Kus Dido