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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Fitting under bridges...

[Create-Clix] Beach House / Home High Detail
Mmm, it's because I really like this beach house and it's on sale (ONLY TODAY) for 100 L$ that I blog it. I received a kind of spam mail from the owner Clix Akros. But hey, what the heck that's marketing AND it's a nice house, low prim (164) and not too large (30x12 meters). Interested? More details see the link or IM the maker.

//me wonders if it fits under bridges so Matt can exchange his box for this b.house... (big smile).

Dikke kus


  1. Thanks for this, it's much appreciated!! You've got me into blogging now! :))

  2. Now 50L... maybe I'm too nice? :(

  3. yes you are Clix ;-)
    hugs you
    kiss Dido