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Friday, 14 May 2010

My RL holiday in Japan and an update

Wow RL travelling through Japan right now for 4 weeks and it is super and sooo different. Enjoying myself and little time for SL. After all there is one real world that counts and that is RL.

Just to keep  you posted a short update about my SL life. I managed to be in SL with my travel laptop a few times (could hardly move so I can assure you it is less fun).
One important thing happened: I am a free girl again. My affair with Eskimo man is over, finished, basta.
No worries, I feel 'me' again and sort of relieved as well: Dido is not made for a steady SL relationship.  I have one in RL that is enough ;-)
Thanks Bas I enjoyed our exploring a lot ;-)

I spoke to Alphons, my landlord a few days ago, which I liked a lot, however, he informed me he will stop paying for the sim. So I will be homeless soon.
Soooo kept you posted.

Dikke kus

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