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Tuesday, 24 August 2010


My friend Pietertje, whom I have known for 'SL-ages', told me last week he is leaving SL for an indefinite period, not sure when or if he will return. Fed up with all the drama I guess (these are not his words but my assumption). He was not really happy lately and very restless. 

Of course I will miss him, but I understand. He is right to take a break and focus on his RL, after all we only have one life.
His message made me wonder why the hell am I still in SL and who/what makes me stay? Why spent time sitting behind a laptop when I could be doing so many other things? What's keeping me: the people, curiosity, exploring, excitement, the blogging or maybe all? Is it coz I am curious about other people/cultures and I like to explore, investigate, not only sims and others but also myself and my boundaries?

The trouble is (or is it a blessing?) I always meet new and interesting people. Sighs. Like last week/weekend I met Samatha, a nice Brasilian girl, who was setting up a blog. We girls definitely will do a fashion item together in the near future. Fun!

Or when visiting a Gorean hub coz I needed a picture for the blog item about Bina sale. Returning at that hub last Sunday (logging in at last visited location) still in silk I met a Gorean master, who was fun to talk to. He showed me around on a Gorean sim (always afraid I will be snatched when walking around such a place). Pitty he had to leave so soon.
I talked to my brother Zen, who is alone again. My sister Deir will be paying him a visit soon, etc

Somehow there is always soo much to do/experience. I am always short of time. There is the work: reading the NC's, collecting gifts, unpacking, reading the blogs, filing new stuff in folders, cleaning my invent. Deep sigh. Silly of course and only work I make up, but hey with an invent of over 21.000 items I need to have some structure to be able to find my undies. 

I am sure I am not the only one asking myself these questions. In the meantime I go on for the time being with all the things I mentioned above and wish Pieterje lots of RL happiness!

Dikke kus

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