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Monday, 29 November 2010

Christmas girl Claire

My friend told me that some plurkers have been complaining about me using demo Tuli Claire skin in my blog entry called 'Mwah'. Well to be honest I don't see the problem, however dear plurkers ... as I did not like the blog entry anyway I replaced it with this Christmas girl outfit AND guess what YEAH today after ample consideration I bought the Claire brunette skin.

Price is L$ 1000 and can only be bought by members of the Skin Addict group. For that amount of money you get: 12 different make up options (6 freckled), 8 different lipsticks, several cleavage options and a shape. Not bad, so a sincere thanks to Tuli for being so generous.

Tuli skin Claire tone 3/dk/fr  NEW (NO demo version this time, I bought it Plurkers.. 
MINA Jean hair dark chocolate
Poetic Color eyes Spring Meadow
R.icielli Gabriela military jacket green
Crazy Leire undertop green
MIS Up or Down skirt red
TonTastic biker gloves black
+Mocha short loose socks plain dirtty green
Courtisane La Vivien boots (last year Xmas)

Dikke kus

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