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Thursday, 18 November 2010


Couldn't resist these new Tiburon YS&YS ankle boots and combined them with the LeeZu Madison pants.
Initially I also wanted to buy the new LeeZu Maria jacket, but (sobs) .... I could not find a color to match my newly acquired Madison pants. So I took a deep dive into my closet and came up with my 'falling leaves' Pig cardigan and a Miel tulip tank top to match my new pants and boots. 
It was fun, however, to visit the refurbished LeeZu shop; I hadn't been there for a while. LeeZu is one of my first fav shops in SL. I bought a lot of her clothes over the past 3,5 years and it was fun to recognize many items when strolling around the place. Mmm, maybe she will add a brown Maria jacket to the collection, who knows.   

Dikke kus

Skin: YS&YS Sharon 07 Smokey Red
MINA hair Jean Red Orange
L.Fauna Dimples Freckles Pale
YS&YS Tiburon beige ankleboots with lightbrown socks (NEW)
LeeZu Madison pants rust
Miel AM tulip tank Vino
Pig cardigan There b Leaves on it (Seasons Hunt)
Poetic Color Eyes Sunny glade

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