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Saturday, 13 November 2010

League's Amber and Taylor

  Amber Medium Feline (demo version)

Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce

Hey I am a big fan of League skin, for sure I am. So of course I rushed over to the League store the minute I learned about the new Amber skin and got myself lots of demo's. For sure I wasn't the only one, pff lot's of lag.

Sighs well you know... is it me, coz I just don't see that much difference between my League Taylor skin and this new Amber skin? 
Yep, make-up is different, lips slightly differ and the eyesbrows are lighter but the Feline version of the light Taylor skin has too. So, what to do? Doubts have spread all over me and my wallet...... All advice is welcome!

Dikke kus

pssst I think I will buy this Amber skin anyway .... shhhht

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