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Thursday, 4 November 2010

CStar Cybergirl in China and Japan

I like to blog this CStar gift skin which I received this week. Lots of options and most of them look super. Although the body is not so detailed I like the face, the lips and the eye make-up. 
Also new are the Finesmith Cybergirl earrings. In RL as well as in SL I like modern jewelry, so yeah these are fun.
I was exploring the great wall of China when I arrived at Matsumoto castle: a nice place to take pictures ...

New Finesmith Cybergirl earrings, today (Thursday 4th Nov. only L$ 55)
New CStar Miss November skins 2010 edition, Agility 04 (group gift)
Friday Tatum hair Jealous red
Poetic Color Eyes Spring Meadow (gift)
Maiiki Stripedstrap gloves
Action Womens craze sox
Sassy Kitty Designs Romantic Empire Dress
Bax Coen Le Look la femme boots (gift)

Dikke kus

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