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Saturday, 27 November 2010


Second Life is all about emotions. Well nothing new about that, but I am again fully aware of this. Is it bad? Nope, but pfff it's intense to discuss about one's feelings, differences in character and deep thoughts (some safely tugged away), in chat and in a non-native tongue. Most important thing: you cannot see nor hear the other person. So you can only interpret his/her emotions by analyzing the text he/she types, the silences there are (no text), the amount of mistakes made, etc 

Sometimes I wonder why am I doing this, why not keep to myself, behind my safely self built wall and shop, dance, explore and blog about it ... After all I did that for a long long time over the past 1,5 year; i.e. lead a quiet SL, apart from a few lovers....

However, since I met Matt 2 months ago we have become very close. Now that means a totally different SL for me. Now it's difficult not to discuss certain issues that come up and I cannot tp away when I am touched, hurt, bored, or whatever. Reason: I care. 
In the beginning I was sure, after having several BF's in SL, I would do it differently, but nope I guess I have only one way of playing in SL and that's being me, including the usual drama, but isn't that always a part of (second)life.

There are already too many blogs, movies, video's about this topic 'Relationships in SL', but I did wanna share my thoughts with you, my diary

Dikke kus

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