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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Odessa meets the Joker

Wow I truly love this outfit of Spirit Store called the Odessa jeans and top in gray. Nicely made with great textures and sculpted parts for jeans and top collar. Look at the detailed knitted top, super! 
Wearing my favourite Maitreya Gold shoes 'IXkin', this time in black duo (Gee gave me these shoes a while ago, xx sweetie)

the Joker

OMG Alex appeared as the JOKER, holding a knive in his hand, ready to beat me up... nah joking Joker. Great fun, this outfit/skin/shape you can find this and many other famous heroes of our time at SL Heroes. Thanks Alex for showing me!

Dikke kus

Thx to Spirit Osmus for her Bloggers Review copy

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