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Monday, 11 April 2011

Trashy Girl in Style

I received this lovely TGIS MaxiDress RUDO as a bloggers review item. I did not yet have the time to find the right spot to take pictures. However, this evening I did and wow this really is a nice dress. Especially coz there is an AO included in the skirt, which locks it around the spine and makes the skirt look more natural. It really swirls around my pixel body ;-)

The outfit comes in many layers and you have the choice between a long and a short skirt. The dress comes in 8 different colors. But I love this bright red color. What I really like is the solution for the top, which is a sculpted part. Let me show you:

Btw I remember I had a sculpted top that was part of an evening dress a long time ago and was sent away from a ballroom coz my tits were showing when a camera was not closely focussed on my avi. No problem for me, but hey it was a formal place so I had to leave. 

AND... especially for my friend Stinalina I include the LM of the Trashy Girls in Style (TGIS) shop ;-)

Dikke kus

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  1. Awwwww <3 Dido.
    Thank you!!!! :-)