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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Akeruka Adrian GG skin

Yesterday evening Nitro fetched the Akeruka April GG skin called Adrian. Adrian has a sort of goatie, a sexy slightly opened mouth and chest/belly hair.  
Arghhh a total make over, another SL BF, partner ^^ sooo different from the Damien DNA skin he has been wearing for some time now.

This new Adrian GG skin is nice with the distinct jaw lines and the sensual mouth, although the eye make-up is a bit too much. But hey it's a gift soooo who's complaining.
FYI: group entrance fee is L$ 250.

I like the male skin lines of Akeruka, this in contrast to their female lines, which for me are too 'painted'(i.e. too much make-up). 
It struck me that Akeruka does not offer different tattoo layers for male facial hair/female make-up but instead requires you to buy a different skin. I personally prefer nude skins and additional tattoo layers coz they are so much more flexible.

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