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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tallulah in Anymore Kawauu outfit

Wearing another shape, which I seldom do btw, but hey this one is really really cool; it's the Anna Shapes Tallulah, model. Feeling really pretty with these mysterious eyes ^^

Furthermore showing new Anymore items, created for the Kawaii Fair 2012 (taxi to the Fair). I am wearing only a few items of the many many in the folder: the Kawaii face t-shirt red and the Anymore mesh mushroom drop pants as well as the Anymore mesh ZOO sweater Giraffe. Also showing you the back of this cute mesh drop pants (the mushroom ^^).

Anymore mesh ZOO sweater Giraffe

Furthermore wearing: 
Truth hair Kalle2 & Truth Parisa flexi attachment both in mahogany
Dutch Touch STeRRe skin caramel
Mayfly deep sky eyes Hazel shadow

Dikke kus


  1. Is there any way I could download this sim? She is absolutely stunning and I would love her in my game! Even if not, thanks for your time!

  2. Hey thx for the compliment! But can you explain what you mean with download this sim? Please contact me in SL
    dikke kus