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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Wow, my dear friend Kooky (see her blog Kooky's Clobber) gave me a link to this shop called Chillie, where they sell a 'SMARTMESH' leather jacket. Yep smartmesh meaning you receive only ONE mesh jacket, which fits all! Sooo cool. 
For now Chillie offers only the Rider leather jacket in many colors, but more items coming. Showing the pink jacket, which you receive after joining the Chillie group (free joining). There is a hud included in the folder that gives you the opportunity to change: the texture of the leather, the color of lining, zipper and brand. 

This is promissing, I luv this smartmesh which gives you the opportunity to use your own measurements instead of having to fit into standard sizing and having to change your shape over and over again.  
Here's your taxi to Chillie.

Furthermore wearing and also NEW is the lovely Truth Group Gift 'Happy 2013'. Cool hair; a great start of another Truth year.

The Maitreya bodysuit de la Ruche in black, the mesh Sn@tch velvet skirt in wine, the PiNK CHERRY disco earrings in pink and the Blowpop seamed fishnet torn tights come from my closet.

Coz I couldn't decide which photo to use, I placed them both ^^
dikke kus

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