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Saturday, 5 January 2013

The day after the party

Cica (right) with Quan

Yesterday (4th January) we (= Nitroglobus Gallery) organized a black & white party for Cica Ghost.
It was an enormous success, i.e. many came, others couldn't get in coz the sim was overloaded most of the time :-(, but hey cannot have it all not even in SL.

Soo many photos were made by those (photographers) present, really awesome. Wanna see more? Visit Nitroglobus Gallery on Flickr or watch Nitro's  video of the B/W party:

Cica her installation 'Pieces of Cica' will be in place at Nitroglobus Gallery for another week. We intend to change around 15th January.

dikke kus
Cica Ghost

Kooky trying to transform into a black cat ...

Before the party; waiting for the guests to arrive


  1. It was a fantastic night. I am glad I could be there for a while.

    The pictures here are fantastic, including the one with deformed me in it..haha. Made me giggle! Love it!


  2. See also the video Nitro made of the Black& White party for Cica at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD492tq2YLo&list=UUs9Qn_9MnsrAYsZfnDEKm5w&index=1

  3. Sorry I missed that party... looks great. I've seen so many pictures around from it. Glad you had a great turnout!