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Friday, 4 January 2013

Tomboy Dido

Elikatira (e) mesh hair Sound in Firey Red -  NEW super cool hair, I luv this style muchos!

As Nitro was not around I stole his awesome Kal Rau casual mesh blazer with hoodie. He won't mind coz he will smell my perfume, which he loves, when he wears ^^
Only problem is that my tits are gone when wearing this male jacket ... lol I'm a tomboy.

I might ask the designer to make one for girls too, coz I know there are more girls interested. For instance my friend Kooky bought the jacket (see her blog post on this topic). It's really good quality, super nicely made, great textures and details AND the hud gives you many hoodie colors. 
BUT hey there already are so many great female clothes and them boys they have soo little, so why am I complaining.

Btw the scrts Leo mesh jeans and the H.O.D. necklace both come from my closet.

Wish you all a super weekend!
dikke kus

Pose used: ILAYA kneel


  1. The Jacket and hoodie combo really suits you. I'm loving that hair too.

    Beautiful pictures as always, and ty for the link to my blog.